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Interested in your community? It’s easy to join in!


The Boalsburg Village Conservancy serves the community by preserving Boalsburg and Harris Township’s rich heritage and by sponsoring events that bring us together. Founded in 1973, the BVC organizes the 6 PM Memorial Day Service, founded the Memorial Day Festival in 1974 and organized and provides the leader of the community committee which has run it since 1978, led the effort to get historic Boalsburg zoned as the Village District in 1975, founded the Boalsburg Heritage Museum on East Main Street in 1981 and was the vehicle through which the land for the Stan Yoder Preserve was purchased.


If you want to be part of this wonderful community where you live and/or work, this page provided by the Boalsburg Village Conservancy shows you how to join in.


To join or to support the Boalsburg Village Conservancy:


Name: ___________________________ Email (print clearly): ________


Mailing Address: ___________________________________________


City: _______________ State: _______ Zip: ______.  Telephone: ______


Enclosed (please check one; checks payable to Boalsburg Village Conservancy)

____ $300– Life membership      _____ $100 Business or organization

____ $25 – Family membership   _____ $15/person – Annual membership

____ I am already a member of the BVC.

____ I would like to make an additional tax-deductible donation of $______


I would like to be involved in these ongoing events/activities (check any/all):

____ Planning Boalsburg’s 200th Anniversary celebration in 2008

____ Helping wherever needed.  ____ Volunteer tour guide at one of the historic sites 


____ Memorial Day (this year on May 26, 2008)  

____ Boalsburg Multicultural Columbus Festival (this year on Saturday, Oct. 6, 2007)

____ Boalsburg Columbus Ball (Boal Mansion, this year on Saturday, October 6, 2007)

____ Hometown Christmas (first weekend of December 2007)

____ Music at the Boal Mansion (early Saturday in May 2008)

____ Village Forum (meets 3-4 times/year, bringing together people & organizations)

____ Publications about Boalsburg and Harris Township    ____ BVC Board


More details and contact persons at http://boalmuseum.com/bvc.htm


Send this form (or email the information to chris@boalmuseum.com) along with your check to: Boalsburg Village Conservancy, PO Box 451, Boalsburg PA 16827